Training for Technical Leaders

Are you interested in becoming a more effective technical leader?
Want to be a happier & more confident leader?
Would you like to learn with a group of peers at a similar career stage?

I’m piloting an online course for technical leaders in Aug/Sept of 2016.

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I’ve been coaching CTOs & VPEs to become more effective & happier for the last ten years, and before that, I was a VP of Engineering for almost twenty years (the last company I co-founded went public in 1999). Along the way, I’ve developed several things that I teach technical leaders to help them be more effective.

The senior leaders I work with become more strategic, more relaxed, have a strong vision for where they want to take their team, and are working on implementing it every day. They spend less time fighting fires or being surprised by emergencies, and more time focused on things that make a difference long term.

I want to make this work more affordable & easier to access: right now, my one-on-one coaching practice is full, and clients pay thousands of dollars per month to work with me. I know that first time managers don’t have that type of budget for learning & development, so I want to create a group course that I can run 4x a year that will cost participants significantly less, but still deliver many of the same benefits.

To get started, I’m offering a pilot of the class for a small, hand-picked group of technical managers who I think will be good partners to develop this material with. I’ll be charging only 50% of the normal cost of the course, because it’s my first time teaching in this format. I’m capping the number of participants at 30, because I feel like that’s a large enough group to get good feedback, but small enough to be manageable. Eventually the course will cost $1200, but I’m offering it to this first group for $600.

The course will consist of 4 live teaching calls (120 minutes each), and 2 Q&A calls (90 minutes each). My plan for the core curriculum includes the following, though I may add additional topics based on the needs of the participants:
–key habits of successful technical leaders
–accountability, estimation and risk
–negotiation & emotional regulation
–giving & receiving feedback

If you’re interested in being part of the pilot group, here is the application:

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I have worked with C-level and VP-level leaders at many companies, including: ClassPass, Code for America, Flatiron, Google, Keen Labs, LeanPlum, Life360, Looker, Lyft, Pivotal Labs, Planet Labs, ShareThrough, Simple, SimplyMeasured, Spring, Twilio, Typekit, Wikimedia Foundation, and Wanelo.