So, blogging…

I’ve put off writing down what I know about working in the world of technology for a while now. I think I finally realized that I know *enough* to get started, I might make some mistakes, and all that is just fine. I’d like to give credit to Pamela Slim’s entry “Perfectionists are Losers“. I’ve read heaps of things that say “just get started, it will all be fine, you’ll see”, but that was the thing that got me rolling.

Author: Marcy Swenson

Marcy Swenson is an executive coach who works with tech startup founders and leaders. She writes about about entrepreneurs, leadership, and startup culture on her blog at She is studying what factors contribute (or detract) to creating a happy startup culture. Prior to becoming a coach, Marcy was a co-founder with two successful exits; at CPTH (Nasdaq), she built the tech team that led to IPO. Forbes names CPTH the fastest-growing high-tech company in the world in 1999. CPTH grew to 3000 employees in 4 years; for comparison, Google grew to 3000 employees in 6 years.