Besides Dale Larson and Marcy Swenson of Startup Happiness, here are other coaches who primarily focus on working with startup founders and leaders.

We know them all, and are happy to refer clients to them when our practices are full or it seems like they might be a better fit.  Here we list coaches we actually know; many of them run coaches companies that are likely also full of wonderful coaches.

  • Jerry Colonna, New York.  A former venture capitalist focused on investing in early stage technology-related startups, Jerry has been coaching since 2007. He blogs at The Monster in Your Head. As of this writing, Jerry’s practice is full and he isn’t accepting new clients. He co-founded
  • Khalid Halim, San Francisco.  We first met him at Wisdom 2.0, and kept running into him at different client sites. He co-founded
  • Ann Mehl, New York. A former programmer and executive, now a wonderful coach; we met her through Jerry Colonna.
  • Dave Kashen, San Francisco, a former entrepreneur, investment banker and VC with a Stanford MBA and training at CTI. He is now leading Fearless Ventures, a VC firm that invests in their portfolios by providing both funding and coaching.
  • Bryan Neuberg, San Francisco Bay Area, built a small business himself before training with CTI. He works with a team of coaches “with experience in the C-suites of the Fortune 1000,” and now runs Neuberg, Gore, and Associates.
  • Anamaria Nino-Murcia, San Francisco Bay Area, is a Stanford MBA and was employee #3 at ElliptiGo before deciding her passion was coaching. She offers both individual coaching & partnership coaching and hosts T-groups for startup leaders:
  • Joe Dunn is a former product executive turned executive coach; there are few folks who understanding both the challenges of being VP Product/CPO, in addition to being a skilled coach. He runs CloudBreak.
  • Dale Jasper Stephens, San Francisco, founded the Uncollege movement, was one of the original Thiel fellows, and is incredibly knowledgeable about the startup ecosystem, and the psychological challenges of being a founder. Although he’s early in his journey as a coach, he’s incredibly talented.  You can find him here.

[Help us out… who else should we meet or add to this list because they spend much of their time coaching with startup founders?]

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