Elite athletes must focus on more than physical training to win. Startup CEOs also have an inner game to master on the way to success.

The many hidden challenges to being a startup CEO aren’t talked about enough.

Among other things, you face repeated rejection; suffer failures small and large; complete overwhelm; deep self-doubt (if not outright depression); face seemingly impossible dilemmas, decisions and circumstances; and struggle with difficult relationships. At times you feel completely alone, like you’re the only one with these problems, and that there is no one you can talk to. You ask more than once, “am I crazy, or is this normal?”



How can you get through these challenges to be happier and more successful?

What will help you unleash your full potential as a leader to create and inspire, and to build the best product and company?

We’ve organized a Core Conversation at SxSW 2014 around how to stay sane, productive, and powerful in the face of the unique hardships of startup CEOs. 

We’re excited to offer this opportunity for successful startup CEOs to connect over the real challenges we all face, and to learn from each other what really works (and which strategies to avoid).

If you’ll be at SxSW this year, please join us. If you have awesome CEO friends who will be there, would you please pass this on to them?

Inner Game of the Startup CEO: Stay Sane & Win
Sunday March 9th at 12:30p
Hilton Austin Downtown Rm 616AB

Marcy & Dale